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Administrivia: SLUG and Common-Lisp (etc) mailing lists

One of the hosts that relays mail sent to the SLUG and COMMON-LISP(etc)
mailing lists has died and is not likely to be revived.  What this host
did was to modify the relayed mail so error messages (and there are lots
of them) were sent to a special mailbox which I would check on occasionally.

In this way, people who submitted mail to these mailing lists weren't being
deluged by messages about failed or delayed mail.  I would get those and
eventually clean out bad addresses.

Until we figure out some other way of doing this, I'm afraid submittors will
have to put up with getting error messages.  Please ignore messages about
delayed mail but if you get any (starting next week) about bad addresses,
please forward them to SLUG-REQUEST@AI.SRI.COM or 
COMMON-LISP-REQUEST@AI.SRI.COM (or whatever is appropriate).

If anyone knows a way to change the SMTP's MAIL-FROM: (aka RETURN-PATH:)
for messages to a particular address when using Unix (Sun) sendmail,
I'd appreciate knowing about it.  I suspect it can be done using pipes
but no one in my group knows how to do it.

Mabry Tyson

P.S.  In case you didn't guess, one reason for this message is so I
can get all the currently bouncing mail and get it cleaned up.  The
host that died had the collection of bounced mail.