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MacIvory help requested

    Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1992 19:04 PDT
    From: wfsmith@CS.UCLA.EDU (William F. Smith)

    I've recently gotten a MacIvory system . . . . . 

I'll let other more knowledgable people answer the software questions.

As for the Truvision HR card:

    I have been completely unable to get the color monitor working through
    the Mac.  It continues to work well when used from Ivory (indicating
    to me that there should be no hardware incompatibility).  I have
    reenabled the on-card RAM and have downloaded all of the drivers that
    TrueVision originally supplied, with no success.  I have been unable,
    however, to successfully install 32bit Quickdraw because of the above
    difficulty of moving to a higher rev than 6.03.  Is this part of the
    problem?  TrueVision support has sent me new drivers, but none seem to
    work any better now, so I plan to try them again after installing
    System 7.  This issue is the one giving me the most grief.  I would
    also appreciate any specs available on the Sony monitor: we seem to
    have no documentation for it.

There is a single switch on the card (upper left corner) which Truvision
calls Indigenous/Non-indigenous mode.  Symbolics CAD software requires
the card be in "Non-indigenous" mode (switch to the left).  For the Mac
to see the card, you have to flip the switch to the right for
"Indigenous" mode.