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mail signatures

    Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1992 09:29 EDT
    From: Eyvind Ness <eyvind.ness@hrp.no>

      | Date: Thu, 25 June 1992, 11:45 +0200
      | From: Vincent Keunen
      | Is there a way to define signatures to be automatically added to the end
      | of a mail message?
      | vk

    Put the above file somewhere along your `load-path' and give it a spin.

    BTW: I'm using Kyle Jones' VM (View Mail) package for GNU Emacs. Try it
    - it's great.


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While I am surely in the minority in the so-called "real world", I
have to say that I detest signatures.  And greetings, too.

Must we really give in to this ridiculous piece of Unix weeniedom?
If I want to know your snail-mail address or phone number, I'll ask.
I don't need to know your network address, since it's already in the
message header.  (And please, don't tell me that some mailers garble
the message headers, because I'll just tell you to fix the offending

And last but definitely not least, I don't want to see quotes from
science fiction writers, Sherlock Holmes, computer scientists, or
even the Simpsons, on every piece of mail from someone.  It gets
pretty tired very quickly.

In my own defense, I am not the only person here at Symbolics who
feels this way.