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Can a 3670 spool print jobs for Unix?

   Date: Tue, 30 Jun 92 08:32:46 PDT
   From: John D. Reading <readingj@CERF.NET>

   So to return to the question in the subject, is there any way to
   instruct the Unix host on how to use the 3670 as a print spooler?
   The 3670 in question is running Genera 7.2 right now, although I
   guess I could upgrade to 8.0.1 without too much trouble if that
   turns out to be necessary.

You need to install software on the lispm to serve as an LPD server.
LPD is the Unix line printer protocol.  I've written software to that
effect some years ago (and if I'd collected postcards from sites using
that software I'd sure have a great collection by now ;-). Take a look
at the archive on ftp.gmd.de, directory /lang/lisp/lpd/ where it

There's also a package by Chris Lindblad which implements the inverse,
namely using a printer connected to a Unix box from a lispm via LPD.
It's part of Genera 8.x now and in the world for Ivory machines; for a
3670 you'll have to load it explicitely -- it's in the system
EMBEDDING-SUPPORT if I remember correctly.

	-- Juergen