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3600 for sale

I have a 3600, serial number 525, for sale.  At present, the machine is
not working due to a broken power supply.  The boards and disk drive are
in good working order.  I have spare power supplies, and with sufficient
incentive I would be willing to work on the machine to get it running
again before letting it go.  Alternatively, I will sell the system as is
(cheap), including the following:

	Complete 3600 Chassis
	Complete 3600 Processor Board set
	169 MByte Fujitsu Owl Disk Drive, formatted, with IFS tape
	Cartridge Tape Drive
	Console, Keyboard, Hawley Mouse and 50' console cable
	All necessary internal and external system cables
	Spare FEP, IO, and paddle cards for both
	Spare Console, Keyboard, Mouse and 50' console cable

There is currently no RAM in the system, but I might be persuaded to
provide some 512Kword cards if needed.  I would prefer to sell the entire
system as a unit, and will consider any reasonable offer in order to get
this rather large beast off my hands.  I will also consider selling parts
separately, though this is less desirable for fairly obvious reasons.

I also have various other spare parts at my disposal, including a board
set for a Century T306 disk drive.  If there's something in particular
that you need, please ask.

Sorry, I cannot offer warranties with any of these items.

You may contact me at (512) 346-3276, or by email to this address:
In case riverside isn't a good path and you have dialnet on your system,
the dialnet telephone number for tijeras.sw-sw.dialnet.symbolics.com is
(512) 346-3480.


Bill Gooch

P.S.  Just for the heck of it, here's a quote:

"	If a man goes on quietly and perseveringly working at
    the removal of resistances, success comes in the end.  The
    obstructions give way and all occasion for remorse arising
    from the excessive use of power disappears.
	Such a man's power does not show externally, yet it can
    move heavy loads, like a big cart whose real strength lies
    in its axle.  The less that power is applied outwardly, the
    greater its effect.
						-  1I Ching

0P.P.S.	Don't worry Scott, I don't plan to make this a habit.