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The pronunciation of "C++"

I just learned something that might be of interest to you all in SLUG
land.  I was meeting with Brooks Pollock of Wisdom Systems, which is
ultimately owned by a large Italian conglomerate (some of you may
remember Brooks - he wrote the Resource Planning and Management System,
or RPMS, for Ford Aerospace, which became the core of XPM, the Expert
Project Manager, after it was sold to Expert Management Systems of
Phoenix.  XPM was in use at Houston Lighting and power until recently,
when it was replaced by a planning system written by myself and Tom
Shepard, plus a scheduling system written by Symbolics' consulting group
and customized and integrated by Shepard, Rich Cohen and myself.)

Anyway, Brooks told us that the Italians pronounce the ++ in C++ as
"poo-poo." So, if you ever hear of C-poo-poo, you'll know what it means
(in case you wouldn't have figured that out on your own!).