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3600s with IFUs for sale

    Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1992 15:18-0000
    From: Paul Pangaro <pan@ATHENA.PANGARO.dialnet.symbolics.com>

	     FOR IMMEDIATE SALE: VINTAGE 3600s with IFUs and extras

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you too can own classic 3600s with all the
    fire power that mega memory and pre-fetch performance accelerators can
    provide! These machines work with all the perfection that 30 years of
    AI software development and 10 years of commercialization can produce:
    these machines run 8.1 FLAWLESSLY!

    (Sale necessitated by moving; owner converting to more portable 3620s.)

    BUY A PIECE OF HISTORY: One of these machines is serial number 129 ---
    that's right, the 29th 3600 ever built. Well-known to be the first 3600
    for which there was a down-payment made before the first machine was
    even produced! 6th machine to be installed in Washington DC (DOD
    customers kept jumping the queue!). This machine has perfect paint and
    has been maintained in perfect working order under complete software and
    hardware maintenance from its installation in April 1983 in the Nation's
    Capital (until just recently, at least, but still working fine ---
    witness this e-mail missive). Believe me, spending $162,000 on
    maintenance over the years insures you of a BEST BUY --- they don't come
    in better condition than this classic piece of iron with the following
    extraordinary features:

Albion, SN 140, the first Lisp Machine to reach the rest of the world
(outside USA), the sister to Athena, is alive and well. She has been off
maintenance for the last 4 years and lives happily in the UK.

To whomever aquires Athena, I and others like me would love to help you
keep her going and to share information.

My advice, is not to plan that your Symbolics will quietly die of its
own accord as computers are supposed to do. The theory is that the
mystical power of ZetaLisp somehow revitalises the parts that
maintenance fails to reach.