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Change in Symbolics policy for Dialnet mail delivery

Just a note to inform you that the policy announced in the included
message has finally, after some inertia and delays, been implemented.
Riverside is no longer dialing out to deliver to Dialnet sites, and the
host-unreachable timeout has been set back to the standard 7 days.

Wtih one exception that we are actively dealing with, there is no
significant backup to any Dialnet site on Riverside right now.  I hope
this indicates that all or most sites have take the necessary steps to
probe for their Dialmail.

I have included my entire earlier message for anybody who may have
missed it.

Thanks to everybody for their cooperation.

Douglas Dodds   (dodds@symbolics.com)
Symbolics, Inc.
Concord, Mass.

    Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1992 17:55 EDT
    From: Douglas Dodds <Dodds@RIVERSIDE.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

    Coincidental with our move to new quarters in Concord, Mass., Symbolics
    has found it necessary to make a change in our policy with respect to
    the delivery of electronic mail to Dialnet sites.

    As in the past, Symbolics will act as a relay point (via Riverside) for
    Dial mail.  However, Riverside will no longer call out (mail-probe)
    Dialnet sites for which it has queued mail.

    It will be necessary for sites that expect to receive Dial mail to probe
    Riverside at regular intervals.  Depending on the amount of mail you
    expect to receive, probe intervals from six hours to a couple of days
    may be reasonable.  Riverside will hold undelivered messages for one
    week before returning them, so probing with a period greater than a few
    days is not recommended.  Likewise, to keep your own long-distance
    charges down and to avoid frequently tying up Riverside's line with
    queries about mail, probe intervals significantly shorter than a few
    hours should not be used unless you are debugging a problem in
    exchanging mail with Riverside.  See the documentation for the variables
    are generally set in the mailer's Options.Lisp file, and the sample
    Options.Lisp file in the topic "A Complete Dialnet Installation for a
    New, Non-Internet Site".

    Included at the end of this message is the contents of an updated
    public-dialnet-domain file, including the new phone number for Riverside,
    1-508-287-0395.  This file should be installed at your site as

    NOTE: To ease the transition, and to try to get this message delivered
    to Dialnet sites (a chicken-and-egg problem), we will resume
    dial-out-delivery service from Riverside, for a period of a week after
    this message is sent, before turning it off permanently.  I will also be
    calling sites that are accumulating significant backlogs, to deliver
    this message by a different channel.

    We regret the necessity for this change, and we thank you for your

    Douglas Dodds   (dodds@symbolics.com)
    Symbolics, Inc.
    Concord, Mass.

    ----------- contents of SYS:SITE;PUBLIC-DIALNET-DOMAIN.TEXT.NEWEST -------------

    ;;; -*- Mode: Text; Nofill: T -*-
    ;;;> *****************************************************************************************
    ;;;> ** (c) Copyright 1992-1991 Symbolics, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    ;;;> ** Portions of font library Copyright (c) 1984 Bitstream, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
    ;;;>    The software, data, and information contained herein are proprietary 
    ;;;> to, and comprise valuable trade secrets of, Symbolics, Inc., which intends 
    ;;;> to keep such software, data, and information confidential and to preserve 
    ;;;> them as trade secrets.  They are given in confidence by Symbolics pursuant 
    ;;;> to a written license agreement, and may be used, copied, transmitted, and 
    ;;;> stored only in accordance with the terms of such license.
    ;;;> Symbolics, Symbolics 3600, Symbolics 3670 (R), Symbolics 3675 (R), Symbolics
    ;;;> 3630, Symbolics 3640, Symbolics 3645 (R), Symbolics 3650 (R), Symbolics 3653,
    ;;;> Symbolics 3620 (R), Symbolics 3610 (R), Symbolics Common Lisp (R),
    ;;;> Symbolics-Lisp (R), Zetalisp (R), Genera (R), Wheels (R), Dynamic Windows (R),
    ;;;> SmartStore (R), Semanticue (R), Frame-Up (R), Firewall (R), Document Examiner (R),
    ;;;> Delivery Document Examiner, "Your Next Step in Computing" (R), Ivory, MacIvory,
    ;;;> MacIvory model 1, MacIvory model 2, MacIvory model 3, XL400, XL1200, XL1201,
    ;;;> Symbolics UX400S, Symbolics UX1200S, Symbolics C, Symbolics Pascal (R), Symbolics 
    ;;;> Prolog, Symbolics Fortran (R), CLOE (R), CLOE Application Generator, CLOE Developer,
    ;;;> CLOE Runtime, Common Lisp Developer, Symbolics Concordia, Joshua, Statice (R), and
    ;;;> Minima are trademarks of Symbolics, Inc.   
    ;;;>    Use, duplication, and disclosure by the Government are subject to restrictions 
    ;;;> as set forth in subdivision (c)(1)(ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer 
    ;;;> Software Clause at DFAR 52.227-7013.
    ;;;>      Symbolics, Inc.
    ;;;>      6 New England Tech Center
    ;;;>      555 Virginia Road
    ;;;>      Concord, Massachusetts  01742
    ;;;>      United States of America
    ;;;>      508-287-1000
    ;;;> *****************************************************************************************

    ;;;  Load origin is Dialnet.Symbolics.COM. 

    ;;; Riverside handles all domain names under SCRC.Symbolics.COM.
    Riverside.SCRC.Symbolics.COM. DIAL A      "15082870395"
				  DIAL WKS    ((MAIL-PROBE             MAIL-PROBE)
					       (MAIL-TO-USER           SMTP)
    Symbolics.COM.		      DIAL MX 20  Riverside.SCRC.Symbolics.COM.

    ;;; End of file.