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AFS access from Symbolics

    Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1992 17:30 EDT
    From: Liam M. Healy <Healy@space50.nrl.navy.mil>

    The lab-wide file server here is now accessible through the Andrew File
    System (AFS), similar to, but supposedly more secure than, NFS.  We
    would like access from our Symbolics, but available client software
    is limited to UNIX boxes.  Does anyone know if there is, or is planned,
    AFS client software for the Symbolics, or is this a pipe dream?

I don't think AFS is very similar to NFS, except that they are both
networked file access protocols; they're as similar as NFS and NFILE.
Implementing a file service client is a major undertaking, and I would
be very surprised to hear that Symbolics is working on this, given their
limited resources these days.  I'm not even sure how public the
specification of AFS is (there's no RFC for it).

I believe there's an NFS-to-AFS gateway server, and I suggest you use