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The End of an Era

Dear Friends: This machine, the mighty Symbolics 3600 with Instruction
Fetch Unit and the lowest serial number still in use, will shortly be
taken offline (sometime between now and 16 August). It will not be going
to scrap, thank heaven, but to a devoted user. For that I am most

Unfortunately it will mean an interruption in my capacity for sending
and recieving e-mail via Internet (or any other means, for that matter).
I hope someday to be up again on the net, once I am settled in
Cambridge, MA, sometime after September 92.  Meantime I am best
reached via 617-621-3070 --- the address below will become active in the
next week or so, but I will pickup physical mail there only after 4 September.

Good luck and happy mailing to you all. You have not heard the last of

Dr Paul Pangaro, President 
PANGARO Incorporated
P O Box 390420
Cambridge, MA 02139
Voice: 617-621-3070