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SCUBA diving

I know, what does SCUBA diving have to do with Lisp and Lisp Machines?
Not much, I admit.  I'm actually directing this message at people who
are attending LUV-92, but there's no mailing list for that.  If you
don't dive or you're not going to be in San Diego Saturday, 8/15, you
can ignore this message.

After the end of LUV-92, I'll be staying over Saturday night, so I'm
looking for something interesting to do Saturday.  I recently got my
advanced open water certification, so I'm interested in diving some new
places, and San Diego is certainly new to me (so far I've dove off
Gloucester, Maine, and Key West).  I figure there are probably some
divers among the crowd going to LUV-92.  If anyone is interested in
diving with me, send me email and I'll bring my gear (I don't want to
carry my weight belt if it doesn't seem likely that I'll be diving).