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problem with secure subnets attribute?

We recently renumbered our entire network, owing to the fact that
someone cleverly assumed that we would never actually be on the internet
and numbered all nodes as 1.0.0.x. We are now legit, so I edited the
namespace file, replacing all strings of the form 1.0.0.x to 
a.b.c.x, where a, b, c are our new addresses. I then rebooted all
the lispms. (someone else took care of the unix boxes). I can no longer
seem to talk between the lispms. Any file request, for example, gets
a message about improper access, and offers options such as login and
enable capability. 

I am guessing this is related to the secure subnets attribute. I edited
that in the namespace database as well. The entry reads
  INTERNET a.b.c.0
which is what the docs seem to indicate, though obviously I am not getting 
this right.

All help gratefully accepted.