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x server on a '20?

    Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1992 09:24 EDT
    From: drstrip@isrc.sandia.gov (David R. Strip)

    I tried last night to bring up the x-server on a '20. My base
    world already has ip-tcp loaded. I Load'ed system x-server (and
    then sat back and waited a long time). It loaded, but with a lot
    of whining about packages (nothing that required a user response, 

I don't think I've ever seen any package-related warnings when loading X
Server.  What specifically did it complain about?

	      I then tried to edit the namespace to add
    service: x-window-system tcp x-window-system.
    It claimed that the host host only supported x-window-system via

Does the machine have an Internet address in its namespace entry?  Is
the INTERNET network enabled?  That message is generally based on
network configuration state, not application software availabilty (i.e.
the fact that it says that X-WINDOW-SYSTEM is supported via any medium,
in this case LOCAL, indicates that X is loaded), since the application
layer is usually generic.

Unless you'll be using the '20 as a display server for other Lisp
Machines, the namespace entry isn't really important (it's normally only
used by Lispm clients).  A more important test is what happens when you
do "Start X Server".

    Obviously (?) I am missing something, perhaps some prerequisite package.
    I recall trying this once, long ago on an XL, so some additional network
    stuff was preloaded. Do I need rpc, embedding-support ...?

The only thing the X server is dependent on is C Runtime, but I'm pretty
sure it loads that automatically.