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NXP1000 Press Release

Contact:  Mimi Englander, Sterling Hager, Inc., (617) 259-1400



--Object Oriented Programming Technology Pioneer Provides UNIX
Developers Access to its Rich Genera Development Environment--

--Symbolics Takes Significant Step Toward its Goal of Becoming a
Fundamental Software Developer and Services Provider--

	SAN JOSE, Calif., July 14, 1992 -- Symbolics, Inc., one of the
original providers of object-oriented programming systems, today
announced at the 1992 National Conference of Artificial Intelligence, a
significant step toward making its rich Genera development system
available on all standards-based platforms with the introduction of the
NXP1000.  The NXP1000 consists of the Genera software development
environment and a hardware peripheral which fits into a standard
networked UNIX environment and is designed to run on almost any UNIX
workstation or X terminal system.

	"The NXP1000 represents the first in a series of steps Symbolics
will be taking over the next twelve months to move our Genera software
off of our proprietary hardware platform and on to standard platforms,
potentially including those of Digital Equipment Corporation,
Intel-based systems, and others," stated Symbolics President and Chief
Executive Officer, Kenneth J. Tarpey.  "Our goal is to provide
corporations and government agencies the ability to cost-effectively
solve mission-critical business application problems not easily
addressed by more limited object-oriented programming methodologies."
Customers who have used Genera to develop applications include:  AT&T,
American Airlines, American Express, Delta Air Lines, Exxon, Lufthansa,
U.S. Sprint, as well as NASA, the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force.

Genera Offers Many Advantages Over Traditional UNIX-based Systems

	The NXP1000 Genera programming environment will give UNIX
workstation developers the most comprehensive object-oriented
development and delivery environment currently available, as well as
Symbolics' integrated, object-oriented building blocks.  Companies are
increasingly encountering extremely complex problems in mission-critical
business areas such as interactive planning and scheduling, financial
data analysis and engineering design and analysis.  These problems are
usually beyond the ability of traditional UNIX-based systems to solve.
With the NXP1000, which works within heterogeneous computing
environments, developers will now be able to tie together enormous
amounts of unstructured, diverse data and develop and deploy application
solutions on a tight schedule, even with limited programming staff

Pricing and Availability

	The NXP1000, which features Symbolics' 40-bit tagged Ivory
architecture, 20 MBytes of ECC memory, a 500 MB disk and Genera software
release 8.2 or later, will be available in September for $18,700 (U.S.).
A floating point accelerator, larger disk and memory expansion are
available as options.  For current Symbolics customers, the NXP1000
provides backward compatibility with Genera and with layered Symbolics
products.  Customers who move to the NXP1000 from older Symbolics
systems will receive an attractive upgrade price and realize greatly
reduced maintenance costs.

	Symbolics, Inc., (NASDAQ:  SMBX) headquartered in Concord,
Mass., is the leading provider of symbolic technology used in
sophisticated applications, including on-line decision support, expert
systems, scheduling and planning and computer-aided mathematical
computing.  The Company provides software and hardware tools and
consulting services to some of the world's largest corporations,
devising applications solutions to mission-critical business problems in
industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, utilities,
transportation, as well as the government sector.


Genera is a registered trademark and NXP1000 and Ivory are trademarks of
Symbolics, Inc.  All other trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.