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Running a 3640 on the Internet Only

    Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1992 17:23 EDT
    From: John C. Mallery <jcma@reagan.ai.mit.edu>


    We have a 3640 that no longer has chaos connection to the AI site.  It must
    talk over tcp-ip.  But, it presently loses a lot trying to resolve hosts in
    the namespace. Unlike this machine, our site is running Genera 8.1.1.

    Anybody already solved this problem?  Does the internet domain resolver work
    ok in this configuration?

You don't need to use the internet domain resolver.  You can use TCP
based namespace service for your 3640.  Use the :Set Network-address FEP
command to specify the Internet address of the 3640 [Note:  You will
still need to do :Set Chaos-address because of an NFEP bug, but it will
be ignored by Lisp].  

The important requirement is that the namespace server has the service
NAMESPACE-TIMESTAMP.  This should allow your 3640 to use TCP to get
namespace information.

Note:  All the machines at your site should be running 8.0 or greater
before adding TCP based namespace services to your namespace server.
Older releases of Genera would get confused at boot time with TCP based
namespace services.