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trying to reach anyone at Symbolics...

    Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1992 15:13 PDT
    From: BASHAM BRYAN DUANE <bashamb@ucsu.Colorado.EDU>

    Hi SLUG,

    I've been trying to reach a sales rep. at Symbolics, but none of the telephone
    numbers on the literature that I have are in service.  I even tried the 1-800
    directory operator and there is no longer a Symbolics 800 number.  This does not
    look good.  Does anyone know what is going on?  I have been out of the SLUG
    EMail list group for a couple of months --in my transition from NASA/JSC to
    graduate school at CU Boulder-- have I missed something important or is this
    just another "restructuring"?

Don't panic! Symbolics has not restructured.

Does your brochure list a 617 number?  Symbolics headquarters relocated to Concord, 
Mass.  This is only 10 miles from its previous location, but is (annoyingly) in a 
new area code.  Try (508) 287-1000.

    Can someone tell me who to call for sales in the Colorado area?

    Thanks, Bryan Basham

Your sales rep is Michael Western, (206) 441 2496.