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trying to reach anyone at Symbolics...

    Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1992 18:13 EDT
    From: BASHAM BRYAN DUANE <bashamb@ucsu.Colorado.EDU>

    Hi SLUG,

    I've been trying to reach a sales rep. at Symbolics, but none of the telephone
    numbers on the literature that I have are in service.  I even tried the 1-800
    directory operator and there is no longer a Symbolics 800 number.  This does not
    look good.  Does anyone know what is going on?  I have been out of the SLUG
    EMail list group for a couple of months --in my transition from NASA/JSC to
    graduate school at CU Boulder-- have I missed something important or is this
    just another "restructuring"?

    Can someone tell me who to call for sales in the Colorado area?

    Thanks, Bryan Basham

Never believe the 800 directory operators-- they lie!  I'm glad they
stopped listing our number.  Previously, if you called the number they
gave you for Symbolics, you got a mail order kids' clothing company.

Nevertheless, we DO have an 800 number-- it's (800) 394-5522.  While
you're at it, you can make a note of our new address and regular phone

Symbolics, Inc.
6 New England Tech Center
521 Virginia Road
Concord MA 01742
phone: (508) 287-1000
fax: (508) 287-1099

I notice others have provided you with information on the nearest sales
office, so I won't duplicate that.