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machine for sale

I am offering the following Symbolics system for sale, in excellent
working condition:

3670, serial number 2346, including the following:

	Complete 3670 processor, power supplies, cabling, etc.
	2 Megawords RAM.
	Monochrome console, mouse, keyboard and cables.
	1 335 Megabyte Fujitsu "Hawk" disk drive.
	2 167 Megabyte Fujitsu "Owl" disk drives.
	Onboard tape drive.

	Spare parts including a front panel, bulkhead assembly,
	assorted cables, etc.  A significant maintenance advantage of
	this model is that the internals are extremely easy to access.

	Currently this machine has Genera 8.1.1 installed.

Price is negotiable, and I will consider a partial trade for Symbolics
color hardware, particularly controllers, monitors and genlock or
broadcast paddle cards.  Any reasonable offer will be considered - I'm
not expecting to make a killing here, but I'm hoping to find a good home
for a good system.

If you need more info or would like to make an offer, please call me at
(512) 346-3276 (leave a message).  You may also reach me by email if you
prefer, but keep in mind that delivery may be delayed because the path to
my site is via dialnet (please respond only to me, not the entire list).

Bill Gooch
Intuitive, Inc.
(512) 346-3276