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Screen Brightness Control Disabled

    Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1992 13:29 EDT
    From: sjameson@hannibal.atl.ge.com (Stephen M Jameson)

    We have several Symbolics, three of which have the old-style (3600) monitors,
    and the rest of which have the newer (XL) style monitors, although two of the
    latter are actually 3650's.  Something has happened recently which has caused
    us to lose brightness control for all of the newer monitors.  None of the
    conventional mechanisms are working: Local-D, Waiting 20 minutes, SETF-ing
    (TV:SCREEN-BRIGHTNESS), plus one or two other things I tried.  I don't know if
    it is a hardware problem or a software problem (which I suspect, since it
    happened to all of the machines at once).  I tried re-booting and even shutting
    down and restarting one of the machines, and it still does not respond.  All of
    the other LOCAL-* functions work:  LOCAL-G, L, Q, C.

    Has anybody encountered this before, and does anybody have any solutions?

i have found that when a console auto-dims and i switch around consoles
& cpus, the software and the console maintain different ideas of how
bright the screen is, which results in a persistent darkness.
local-<abort> is the cheat that i use to uncork all local settings. the
hardware brightness setting should be in the middle of its range after
the local-<abort> resets the console.

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