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how to grow the file band

    Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1992 09:45 EDT
    From: chyde@chesapeake.ads.com (Clinton Hyde)

    what is the preferred way to cleanly increase the size of the file
    partition? I can't find anything obvious in the manuals...

Parition maintenance is in level 3, [Local LMFS Operations / LMFS
Maintenance Operations], of the File System Editor (Select F).  You can
either grow an existing partition with [Grow Partition], or add a new
partition with [Initialize (R)].

A few releases ago [Grow Partition] had a reputation for being buggy,
but I believe those problems were fixed.  But even so, I generally
prefer adding a new partition, as it makes it easier to shrink the LMFS
later (there's no [Shrink Partition], but there is [Remove Partition]).