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how to grow the file band

>I have a customer with a file-space problem.
>what is the preferred way to cleanly increase the size of the file
>partition? I can't find anything obvious in the manuals...
> -- clint

Just create a new LMFS partition in the FEP.  Go to the File System editor
window (Select-F), select "Local LMFS Operations" and then "LMFS Maintenace
Operations", at which time you will see a menu headed by "Potentially Dangerous
Server and Maintenance Operations".  From this menu you may use either the
Initialize operation, which creates a new LMFS partition, or Grow Partition,
which increases the size of an existing one.  You must have free space in the
FEP file system to do this, as the LMFS file partitions exist as normal files
in the FEP file system.

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