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FTP problems

Thanks for the help with the Secure subnet problems folks. It
is now working just fine.

It has opened the door to another problem though. I'm able tolog into
the Symbolics now, and I can traverse the symbolics directories
ok, but when I set to binary mode, and try to get a file, it gets
roughly 28k, as shown in the bottom right of the symbolics host, and
then just locks up. The message in the Sym window is TYI or Timeout.
  The peek window shows that several connections exist between the
Amiga and the Symbolics, and in case it's useful, here is what it
2 connections:
Host AMFAR ESTABLISHED, local port 20., foreign port 1026.,retransmission
delay 30.0 seconds.Read acked 14848002., read 1484002., received 1484002.,
offered limit 14868002  Send acked -568907450., next to send -568903354.,
imposed limit 14868002 Receive window 20000., send window 0., congestion
window 2048., congestion threshold T.

The other connection is basically the same as the first, except the
retransmission delay is .6 seconds. (I missed the advertised limit entry
too, which was -568903354)
  My guess would be that the congestion threshold T may be significant here.
Any suggestions?  Thanks, Scott