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Automatic process: What's the problem?

   Date: Mon, 9 Nov 92 19:05 MET
   From: jiang%lia.di.epfl.ch@lucid.com (Tao JIANG)

   I have defined an automatic process to copy the user files from one
   Symbolics machine to another.  I use this as an alternative to the
   tape backup.

     (defun backup-all-user-files ()
       (cp:execute-command "copy file"
			   "dave:>jiang>**>*.*.newest" "dom:>users>jiang>**>*.*.*"
			   :create-directories :yes
			   :output-destination (list #p"dom:>backup-log.text")))

   But there is a problem: when the time is due, the machine says

	   "Automatic Backup Process wants to type out.
	    Select Automatic Backup Background Stream by typing Function-0-S."

   And the process waits there without doing anything.  When I type
   Funtion-0-S, a window exposes and displays "Automatic Backup
   Background Stream" at the bottom of the window (nothing else on the
   window because I have redirected the output to a file).  And the
   process continues until it ends.

   Does anyone know what the problem might be?

If I remember correctly, the command processor (or the command body or
something) outputs a newline at the end, which is causing the
background stream notification.  Try binding various streams (in
particular *standard-output*, *error-output*, *query-io* and
*standard-input*) to 'si:null-stream around the call to
execute-command and see if that helps.  I don't have my Lispm handy,
or I'd check this out.