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Barmar Solves Another ... ftp - already closed error


I'm glad that Barmar was able to provide you with a patch for your
problem interoperating with AIX FTP.  (And thank you, Barmar, for CC'ing
the patch to Customer-Reports.)  As you know, Software Support passed
your problem on to our Maintenance organization when you determined for
us that the bug was not fixed in Genera 8.1 ECO#1.  Maintenance has been
focussed for the past several months (most of this summer and fall, in
fact) on bug-fixing for the upcoming release of Genera 8.3.  It won't be
any surprise to our friends on SLUG that there was quite a considerable
backlog of bugs to address, and in our zeal to significantly reduce this
backlog Symbolics may have given short shrift to newer bug reports.
Genera 8.3 will be frozen soon, and Maintenance should be able to
refocus on incoming reports at that time.  In the meantime, we will try
not to let serious problems fall through the cracks.

Thanks for your patience,

David Kaufman
Manager, Software Support