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Statice type t problem

A question for any or all Statice gurus out there.

I have a need for keeping several statice entities 
in the attribute slot of another entity...
however, as you think "set-of is what he needs",
I need to retain the order of the entities.

(Set-of ...) does not guarantee the returned
order to match the given order.

I tried using type "T" as the attribute type 
which should take any "dumpable" objects.
This works fine for a single entity or a list 
of integers, but a list of entities loses in 
si:dump-instance. (no method for :fasd-form)

Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

I am running on an 12MW XL1201 with Genera 8.1.1,
Statice Runtime       409.4 (ECO Level 1),
Statice		      430.0
Statice Browser       406.0

Any thought will be appreciated.

Thanks, Pete.