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Replacement of expressions in Zmacs buffers

Does anybody know how to do a replacement of list expressions in a Zmacs
Buffer.  My specific case is this: I have an old function FOO which takes three
arguments, one of them optional, which is used extensively in some old code I
am re-using.  I want to simplify things and replace FOO with a system-defined
function FOO1, which takes exactly two arguments.  As things currently stand, I
can either redefine FOO as a wrapper around FOO1 which discards the third
optional argument, or do replacement by hand, since Zmacs does not seem to
provide a facility for doing non-string-based replacement.  The only exception
seems to be Atom Query Replace, which explicitly states that it does not work
for lists.  I would like to be able to say:

	Expression Replace (FOO ?a ?b ?c) with (FOO1 ?a ?b)

This seems like an easy thing to write in lisp, but I don't want to take the
time to figure out how to access Zmacs buffers programmatically.  Does anybody
have any code for doing this or know of an existing way?

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