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Common Lisp standard and IEEE questions

The version of some Common Lisp course notes I have claims
"Lisp supports IEEE standard floating point numbers".

Both CLtL and CLtL2 have an implementation note that states:
"...; single-format floating-point numbers should approximate IEEE
proposed standard single-format floating-point numbers; and 
double-format floating-point numbers should approximate IEEE proposed
standard double-format floating-point numbers"

However I can find no reference to IEEE floating-point in the draft

On to the questions:

Am I correct in assuming that whilst conforming CL implementations
are permitted to conform to the IEEE proposed standard they are not
required to?  

Are there any other standards that an implementation might choose to implement instead?

How much of the CL (draft) standard relating to floating-point is actually 
in line with (or conforms to) the IEEE proposed standard, in effect forcing implementations
to conform?

Thanks for any help