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C++ for CLOSers

I'm a full-time LISPer (CLOSer and CLIMer) and my extensive search for a good
set of C++ books for a C hater has turned up the following:

My favorite book is "Mastering Borland C++ 3.1" by Tom Swan.  Even though it
includes tips, tricks, and info. on Borland C++ and Windows, it is primarily
an *excellent* tutorial on both the C and C++ languages.  Each chapter is
followed by good, progressive, exercises and all answers are in the back of
the book (a real plus in my thinking).  In addition, all source code is
provided on (MS-DOS) disk with the book.

A book that comes highly recommended by both C and LISP speaking colleagues
is the "C++ Primer, 2nd Edition" by Stanley B. Lippman.  I have had trouble 
obtaining my own copy of this book, however (it is *very* popular), so i cannot
comment personally.

In addition to a tutorial/primer like one of the above, i highly recommend 
you buy a reference.  Margaret Ellis and Bjarne Stroustrup have put out 
"The Annotated C++ Reference Manual" and Stroustrup has published
"The C++ Programming Language", the latter of which is a combination 
reference and tutorial.

I have bought and looked at several other books that i found terrible; 
unfortunately, i don't have their titles (though i could get one or 2 if
you really wanted them).

Good luck!