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3650 hangs when ethernet cable is connected

(-: Ok folks, I may have to finally throw in the towel on our old,         :-)
(-: possibly last running, Symbolics machine.  I have been sheltering it   :-)
(-: from the corporate anti-LISPM, "lets-junk-it" terror groups for a few  :-)
(-: years.  During that time I saw the Symbolics population		   :-)
(-: dwindling...first one (with a frame grabber) got terminated and	   :-)
(-: warehoused without my knowing (the frame grabber hardware is no where  :-)
(-: to be found), then another croaked as nobody wants to pay to fix it    :-)
(-: so I have to put it to sleep, and now this...			   :-)
(-: 									   :-)
(-: Any help I can get in bringing the 3650 out of its coma will be	   :-)
(-: greatly appreciate.  Do it for the 3650 so that it can continue its	   :-)
(-: galant fight against the anti-LISPM, "lets-junk-it" police.  Do        :-)
(-: it for the LISPM freedom fighters.  				   :-)
(-: 									   :-)
(-: Please treat this (and all future requests of this kind) as a plea	   :-)
(-: for help from the LISPM underground.				   :-)

The 3650 has two problems:

Major problem: With the ethernet cable connected, it would hang while
initializing Genera 8.0 (I know its an old version, I'm just happy
that they let me run something on it).  Access to the FEP is fine and
the LISPM would boot normally if the ethernet cable is disconnected or
with an ethernet terminator connected.  My guess is that something in
the network is messing things up.  But what?  That is, what was the
LISPM trying to do with the ethernet when it hangs.  Before I talk
to the corporate network people about the problem, I better have some
good guesses about what the problem is otherwise they'll blame it on
the 3650 and sign the LISPM death warrant. :-)

Minor problem: I couldn't read the status line at the bottom of the
Lisp window.  The vertical size of the display is screwed up (too
long) with the top and bottom part of the window stretching outside
the physical screen.  Any ideas what I should to do shrink the
vertical down?

Of the LISPM underground