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RE: Fast SIGNUM equivalent

> I have written a program that incorporates something like
> 	(CASE (SIGNUM (- I1 I2))
> 	  (1 ....)
> 	  (0 ....)
> 	  (-1 ....))
> where I1 and I2 are fairly small, positive integers.  This form is being
> executed a lot (hundreds of millions of times).  Is there anyway to
> speed up the test-branch part of this enough to justify whatever
> pornography is necessary?

Just use the straight-forward:

(cond ((< I1 I2) ...)
      ((= I1 I2) ...)
      ((> I1 I2) ...))

In your example you are doing a subtraction and a function call in addition to
three comparisons. Just do the three comparisons (optimized since you know
they are numbers) and save the cost of doing the subtraction and call to