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Mail address as password for anonymous FTP

 >LMH> Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1992 15:50 PST
 >LMH> From: Liam M. Healy <Healy@space50.nrl.navy.mil>

 >LMH> Many anonymous FTP sites like, and some require, the
 >LMH> user to send an e-mail address as the password.
 >LMH> Currently, the Symbolics software sends "FOO".
 >LMH> I've hacked the following to send a mail address:

Good idea.

 >LMH> if you edit SYS:IO;FILE-ACCESS-PATHS.LISP.194 and
 >LMH> search for "ANONYMOUS" (function is prompt-for-user-and-password), 
 >LMH> replace the next line with
 >LMH>  (let ((ma (send si:*user* :mail-address)))
 >LMH>	 (format nil "~a@~a" (first ma) (send (second ma) :internet-domain-name))))

But this doesn't work for me; it evaluates to "Kanef@NIL".

 >LMH> (I don't know how to handle a non-machine mail address,
 >LMH> maybe someone else has an idea.)

This does work:
1	0(with-output-to-string (s)
	  (destructuring-bind (user host) (send si:*user* :mail-address)
	      `((:name ,user :host (:object ,host))) s)))

 >LMH> The acid test is :show directory ftp.uu.net:/*
 >LMH> They require a real e-mail address as password, so FOO doesn't work.