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May Symbolics thrive...

Interesting stuff, Mabry. I also am amazed at how enduring these platforms
are (mine's a 3650). The '50 is not sooo old, but considering what else came
out in '87 or so, it's a heck of a package, especially considering the great
Although it will probably be quite a long time before this machine is
I'm looking forward (as an S-Products graphics user) to a porting of the
to a unix box (he ducks the barrage of projectiles..:). The relatively
power now being achieved there can certainly be put to good use in the
field, and perhaps in other areas traditionally ruled by the Lisp machine,
Symbolics Lisp machine in particular(?)
I'd be interested to hear of anyone's thoughts-experiences-insights into this
possible direction. Would it be possible to re-created the XL1200's magic on
a unix workstation? Has anyone heard of any moves toward the porting of the
S-Products (I know it's Nichimen's game now) to the SGI? Should I be feeling
a general ill will towards me for even suggesting this? :)  Scott
p.s. By XL1200, I mean XL1200 and Genera, of course.