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May Symbolics thrive...

No question, the environment is what makes these machines worth continuing to
run. Hats off to the hardware boys who did the original design, though. I wish
all computer hardware was as well engineered. It gets real boring waiting for
file i/o to complete on my 3670, but the alternative makes me cringe. 

I remember people used to complain about getting dumped into some frightening
place called "the cold load stream" - I guess getting dumped to the unix
monitor prompt (which has only a small set of possible actions, most of which
mean booting the machine, none of which will help you figure out why your
there) is more understandable to some.

But, of all the things that may go by the board in my lisp/computer life
someday soon, its the keyboard I'm sure to lose, and miss mightily. I'm a
lousy typist and this one fits my fingers like no other. Plus I like the
arrangement of the "cording" keys (c-m-h-s).