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May Symbolics thrive...

    Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1993 16:07 EST
    From: Richard Billington <buff@cc.gatech.edu>

    I remember people used to complain about getting dumped into some frightening
    place called "the cold load stream" - I guess getting dumped to the unix
    monitor prompt (which has only a small set of possible actions, most of which
    mean booting the machine, none of which will help you figure out why your
    there) is more understandable to some.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Lispm.  But Unix doesn't crash down to the
monitor prompt nearly as often as Genera dumps you into the cold load
stream.  It's really annoying for me these days, since the cold load
stream is on a different console (I use an X terminal as my normal
console), and I get dumped into it pretty often (whenever X errors
happen (I have one of the best X terminals on the market, and it never
crashes Unix applications, so I'm forced to assume the Lispm is doing
something wrong) -- I finally got tired of it and ADVISEd the X error
function so it always ignores the error).

    But, of all the things that may go by the board in my lisp/computer life
    someday soon, its the keyboard I'm sure to lose, and miss mightily. I'm a
    lousy typist and this one fits my fingers like no other. Plus I like the
    arrangement of the "cording" keys (c-m-h-s).

Yes, I definitely miss that.