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Re: May Symbolics thrive...

It has been over a year now since I actively used the Symbolics for
any serious work, I've been almost completely immersed in Unix, C and
X since then.  Still, I have yet to see anything that can make me forget
the Symbolics.  I have a raft of 3670's (plus one `40 which I fear has
breathed its last - won't boot), and whenever I do sit down to work
on something, it is an immediate rush to discover the modifier keys
where they should be, and an environment that really does help me
get my work done, and an editor that keeps track of things for me, and
a source control system that really knows what changes I made and
a debugger that behaves the way one ought to and...  Well, you all
know the story.  Management here is all relieved that I have acquiesced
to the fact that the Symbolics machines are history and are not to be
used, but when anybody asks my opinion, I still tell them about all
the issues that make Symbolics unbeatable.  If they could just run the
code faster...


John Reading