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smbx keyboards

> From: Kent Pitman <kmp@harlequin.com>
> Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1993 12:05:04 -0800

> I would certainly ask my company to buy a Symbolics-style keyboard for me to use
> on my SPARC, just to improve my typing throughput, even though we don't use
> Genera here.  It wouldn't hurt if it had a few extra keys off to the edges, too,
> so that special compatibility sequences wouldn't be as necessary--but that's not
> critical.  Any way you cut it, commodity keyboards are the pits, especially for 
> control and meta ...

Absolutely; it's the best damn keyboard I've ever used. Comfortable,
didn't require a wrist rest, intelligently designed function keys
(oversized for touch-typists). I'd cheerfully pay $200. out of my own
pocket to get one on my mac or sparc right now.