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Concordia Question

I've written a Concordia document as a proposal for a software system.
The document has many records of type FUNCTION which document
functions that didn't exist at the time of the document's creation.

I'm now coding that software system, and updating my document as a
"programmer's guide", trying to make sure that the document and the
software stay in sync.  My problem comes when I try to m-X Update
Arglist.  Even though the function documented by the record now
exists, and both function and record are in the proper (same) package,
I continue to get the message

  <function-name> is not currently defined as a function,
  so no argument list is available

I am able to get around this by the following hassle [assume a
FUNCTION record called MODEL:FOO]:

  1. Rename FUNCTION record MODEL:FOO to MODEL:BAR
  2. Create a new FUNCTION record called MODEL:FOO
  3. Copy all fields of MODEL:BAR to MODEL:FOO
  4. Find all the links to the old record (now MODEL:BAR) and change
     them to point to the new record (MODEL:FOO)
  5. Kill the old record MODEL:BAR

What a pain!  I've got quite a few of these to do, and I would like to
think that there is an easier way to fix this "problem".  Suggestions?


David Emme                  Intel Corp., CH2-23
demme@fa.intel.com          Knowledge Applications Lab.
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