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CLIM 2.0 on Symbolics?

    From:  Bruce R. Miller <miller@cam.nist.gov>
    Date: Wed, 13 Jan 93 16:28:00 EST

    Last I heard, Symbolics was proudly proclaiming "Well, at least we dont
    have any debt"... and now Ch. 11?
I suspect that this is the REAL end of the line this time.
They laid off about 40 people yesterday (of the remaining
120 or so).  This round includes all the remaining
old-timers (Howie Shrobe, Kalman Reti, Sheryl Avruch, Doug
Dodds all with 10-year records, the latter two being
essential to getting products out to you).  They retained
technical people needed for two "save the company"
developnmet projects.  But even the people working on those
projects aren't too optimistic about the company being saved
by them, even if the technical goals are met.

As for Chapter 11, I guess that is the intent of the sudden
brutal layoff, although it isn't official yet I guess.

    Yet everytime I turn around, a familiar name shows up with an unfamiliar
    email address (latest was Kent Pitman).
Yes.  I hope that happens for more people as well because it
will be a sign that they have gotten employment in these
cliff-hanger times.