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Contact: Bill Clarke (508) 287-1351, Richard Waltz (508) 287-1049


CONCORD, Mass. January 8, 1993 -- Symbolics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMBX), today
announced that it expects revenues for its second quarter which ended
December 31, 1992 to be approximately $1.4 million less than the
previous quarter.  The Company also expects to report a significantly
reduced cash balance at quarter end.  As a result, the Company will need
to effect a significant reduction and restructuring of its liabilities.
The company is considering all alternatives to achieve such reduction
and restructuring, and plans to meet shortly with its principal

Kenneth J. Tarpey, Symbolics' President and Chief Executive Officer,
stated, "The revenue decline this past quarter is due to several factors
that will have important implications for the second half of our fiscal
year.  There has been a curtailment of our business with certain key
customers, which in prior quarters accounted for nearly 10 percent of
our gross revenue.  Our product business also fell off sharply this past
quarter, with product revenues down 29 percent.  We attribute the
decline in product revenue to increased competitive pressures and the
general economic slowdonw.  As a result of this decline, we are,
inconjunction with reviewing our financial alternatives, implementing
dramatic cost reductions in an attempt to focus on out core strengths."

Symbolics Inc. (NASDAQ: SMBX), headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts,
is a leading provider of symbolic processing technology used in
sophisticated applications, including on-line decision support, expert
systems and scheduling and planning.  The Company provides software and
hardware tools and consulting services to some of the world's largest
corporations, devising application solutions to mission-critical
business problems in the government, telecommunications, manufacturing,
utilities and transportation industries.