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Image Format Conversion Problems...

When converting an IMAN format image to a TRUEVISION
format (Targa), I'm now getting glitching of certain
colors. This is happening both when using S-Convert
and when using the load/save images (and selecting
"truevision" format).
  I did some analysis, in the form of color gradient
bars in the image, and have found the specifics of
symptoms. By putting 3 horizontal bars on the screen,
one ranging from 1/0/0 (red,1%), then 0/1/0 (green,1%),
and 0/0/1 (blue,1%) to 25% r,g and b respectively, it
is evident that wherever the value is between 3.1% and
5.1% (roughly), the converted to truevision format
image converts these ranges to r,g and/or b to 100%.
  The odd thing is, if I convert them back to IMAN, they
are read into S-PAINT and displayed properly.
  I remembered having done the conversion before (I do it
quite infrequently) without any problems when I was running
Genera 7.2 (S-Combo 4.1), so I reloaded that world and tried
it again, and still the problem showed up. The only other
thing that's different now from then is the additon of the
4th Color Memory board, and the accompanying "chroma color
adaptor". I haven't tried pulling the adaptor (a hassle), but
I did try pulling the CM board, to no avail.
  If anyone has any insights on this problem, I'd sure appre-
ciate hearing about them. Alternatively, if anyone has an
image format converter (other than the standard ones) that
can convert an IMAN file to TARGA, TIFF, GIF (etc.) or any
other format that the film recorder folks (I'm trying to get
the image to a slide) can handle, I'm up for beg borrow or
purchasing it. Maybe someone has a converter that runs on
a pc?
  The system I'm using is a 3650 with chroma paddle (hirez
32 bit color) running Genera 8.1.1 with S-Products 6.2.
  Thanks for any help, and for your time.  Scott