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S-Frame configurations

Earlier I asked if anyone knew how I could redirect
S-Paint console output to a window on the Dyna-
Geometry screen, so it wouldn't change to the S-Paint
screen configuration every time it had to print some-
thing out. The trick turns out to be a matter of
hacking together a loadable config file that includes
all the necessary windows for both DynaGeometry and
Paint (using Zemacs) and the code that links them
together as a Paint configuration. It works great!
(Details on request...)
  My question:  Can someone tell me the function that
will load a bunch of .config files (S-Frame screen
layout description files) using a script. It's a real
hassle having to do a [set configuration][load from a
file], type in the name, etc. for each of six different
screen configurations. Thanks for any help!  Scott