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Tracing internal functions

Occasionally, when tracing an internal function (defined by FLET or
LABELS), I have a problem.  The trace is installed using the TRACE
feature from the system menu.  The func spec is of the form
    (:INTERNAL outer-fcn integer inner-fcn)
The error msg generated, before any arg printing, is
    The first argument given to the SYS:LDB-INTERNAL instruction, NIL,
    was not a number.
The function that is blowing up is SI:INTERPRETER-TRAMPOLINE
Could the problem be that the passing of the context(lexical) pointer
as an hidden argument sometimes fulls the trace logic?  BTW, I am not
making closures of the internal functions -- I am using them as ordinary
functions that can see variables bound above.

An ideas or patches to fix this problem would be appreciated.

Jeff Barnett