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Send file problems...

    Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 16:54 PST
    From: Scott_Busse@mindlink.bc.ca (Scott Busse)

    I'm using the symbolics terminal program to connect to a
    local bbs. Things are ok with the "set wallpaper file" for
    capturing incoming messages, but I want to compose my out-
    going messages offline and then blast them into the bbs
    buffer when I'm connected. I supposed that the "send file"
    extended command would allow me to send a disk file, but
    when I enter the file pathname and hit return, the line
    is immediatly hung up, and I'm put back to the Terminal
    Program prompt. Am I using it wrong?

You just want to yank the kill ring into the remote stream, 
right?  Try "Yank Top of Kill Ring" from the Marking and Yanking 
menu you get with a control-right click.  Mark regions by 
holding down the control key while dragging the left button.
These operations work on Lisp Listeners, too.

      While I'm on the Terminal subject, is there a way to
    do downloads of binary files, using x-modem or some such
    protocol? Or am I limited to ascii files only?
      Furthermore, the editor on this bbs handles all the
    screen scrolling and line re-drawing, which seems to be
    in conflict with the Terminal program's scrollable window.
    the consequence is that I'm often left with a cursor in
    the middle of a blank screen.
      I guess what I need is for someone to make a few general
    suggestions on what terminal simulator is best, or which
    one does what. I'm currently using the default (Ambassador)
    as my previous attempt to use VT100 didn't seem to improve
    things. The bbs does allow terminal emulation of many types
    though, BTW.     Thanks, Scott