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Smbx -> PC nets...

   From: Barry Margolin <barmar@think.com>
   Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 22:23:33 EST

      Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1993 19:32-0600
      From: William D. Gooch <gooch@tijeras.sw-sw.com>

      By the way, I can't get Telnet to my Lispm to work - it always says that
      permission was denied by the remote host, although I have remote login

   Sounds like a Secure Subnets problem.

Is the LispM remote login service identical with the Telnet service?
If it is, then Barry is right, you should check for a secure subnet
problem.  If they are different, then check to see if the Telnet
service is enabled as well as the LispM remote Login service.