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Re: Any wheels out there?

> PS	i subscribe to USENET comp.lang.lisp, but i see no FAQ there
> 	that would answer this question.

There is a FAQ there, and it is posted once a month. It contains answers to most
of your questions. The following are instructions on obtaining it between

   To obtain the files from CMU, connect by anonymous ftp to any CMU CS
   machine (e.g., ftp.cs.cmu.edu []), using username
   "anonymous" and password "name@host". The files lisp-faq-1.text,
   lisp-faq-2.text, lisp-faq-3.text, lisp-faq-4.text, lisp-faq-5.text
   and lisp-faq-6.text are located in the directory
   [Note: You must cd to this directory in one atomic operation, as
   some of the superior directories on the path are protected from
   access by anonymous ftp.] If your site runs the Andrew File System,
   you can just cp the files directly without bothering with FTP.

   To obtain the files from Thinking Machines, ftp them from ftp.think.com,
   in the directory /public/think/lisp/. The file faq.text contains all the
   parts of the FAQ in one file. In addition, specific versions of the FAQ
   are available as faq-<version>.text.