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Any wheels out there?

    Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1993 14:08 EST
    From: Jeff Lankford <jpl@nrtc.nrtc.northrop.com>

    Fellow Lispers,
	    i'm looking for Lisp shareware -- useful packages
	    generously made available.  Specifically, i'm looking
	    for interactive graph manipulation (you know, those
	    data structures	with arcs and nodes) based on Common-Lisp,
	    CLOS, and CLIM.  More generally, are there any archives
	    of Lisp shareware, analogous to TeX, Emacs, etc... archives?
    PS	i subscribe to USENET comp.lang.lisp, but i see no FAQ there
	    that would answer this question.

Are you saying that you don't see the FAQ, or that you can't find the
information in the FAQ?  There is a comp.lang.lisp FAQ, posted
approximately monthly, and a short reminder is posted every week.  You
can FTP it from ftp.think.com:/public/think/lisp/faq.text if it has
already expired at your site (it was last posted about 3 weeks ago,
and its expiration date is not for another 3 weeks, but your site may
override explicit expirations).

Sections [6-1], entitled "Repositories of Lisp Software", and [6-3],
"Publicly Redistributable Lisp Software", seem like they should answer
your question.