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DrawCircle bug

The latest version I have of DrawCircle, in file rel-8-1>dynamic-windows>graphics-generics.lisp,
does not include nor accept a :gray-level flag.

The patch is to copy the code and put a default value in at the top:
(defun draw-circle (center-x center-y radius
		    &rest args
		    &key (inner-radius 0)
  (declare (arglist center-x center-y radius 
	    &key (inner-radius 0) (start-angle 0) (end-angle 2pi)

(GRAY-LEVEL 1) ;Where in the world did this go?!?!?!?!????

		 (alu :draw) (filled t) (pattern nil) (opaque t)

making sure to call draw-ellipse in the graphics: package.

--John Myers.