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CLOE 4.0 won't start up ...

Does anyone out there have CLOE 4.0 running on a PC like mine? I have a
Gateway 486/33 with 16 meg RAM. I asked Symbolics for a look at CLOE
4.0, (hoping to check out CLIM 2.0 on it when it comes out) I got eval
copy of CLOE 4.0, but can't get to run. (I contacted Software Support -
they have been unable to help except suggest a larger swap file size).

Now, I have STACKER like I am sure many others do, so the swap file is in
a tiny partition on virtual unstacked D drive: not a lot of space to
make it bigger. The biggest I can get is 4.8+Meg Byte, permanent. I am
running windows 3.1, in enhanced mode, started up with "WIN /3" as
suggested in installation guide.

What happens is: following instructions, run CLOE from the
Prog. Man. "run" menu item, CLOE window comes up. Prog Man iconises (I
have "Minimize on Use" enabled). I see another icon appear, for a second
or so, then it goes away and takes CLOE window with it! 

So I make an Icon for CLOE, and click on it, same thing happens.

So, I call an MSDos session up under windows, type CLOE.EXE and error

>> Error: segment creation failed, error code 100

appears. What am I doing wrong? this should be simple to interpret,
right? Anybody out there any suggestions? (Symbolics SS included). 
					Thanks in anticipation ..

PS: Failing this, anyone got CLIM 2.0 on the PC in some other

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