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Uploading e-mail from Genera

Hello everyone!

After two years, I'm *finally* back on the net.

So naturally I have a question... :-)

I'm logging in via modem to a Unix machine which is on the Internet.
I looked at a few of the e-mail programs (such as ELM) and decided
that Genera would be much better to use. I tried downloading my
incoming mail using Z-modem onto a Mac, copying the file into a MacIvory
FS, parsing the file as Unix format mail, and (drum roll please)...
...it worked!

Now I want to reverse the process. But there are two issues that are not
immediately clear to me and so I wondered if any of you are already doing
something like this and could give me some pointers.

Issue 1:
After I reply to a message in Z-mail and hit <END>, Z-mail wants to talk
to the mailer. But I need to write a file. Anyone know off-hand what I
should patch?

Issue 2:
After I upload the mail to Unix, I need to hand it off to a mailer there.


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the Internet Go Server (telnet icsib18.icsi.berkeley.edu 6969), it's really