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re:CLOE 4.0 won't start up ...

In reply to   Martin Mallinson   martin@cmt.dialnet.symbolics.com

       Does anyone out there have CLOE 4.0 running on a PC like mine? I have a
       Gateway 486/33 with 16 meg RAM.

We have CLOE 4.0 running on several 486 machines - Dells, Compaqs, IBMs etc.

       Now, I have STACKER like I am sure many others do...

Perhaps, but this would be the first thing to check. Lots of programs run 
into difficulties
with STACKER and with CLOE the simpler the setup the better. 
Do you have any network software on your machine? Although we have CLOE 
with NOVELL and TCP/IP I would recommend disabling anything like this in your 
autoexec files until you get some results and then try adding things back in.
Our rule of thumb is to have a Permanent Swap file the size of the saved 
image. We currently
have systems of 11 - 16 MBs and our Swap files are usually 20MBs. This is not 
a hard and
fast rule but again, if you can get a size appropriate to the CLOE image size 
it will be one less
thing to worry about. We have had systems running with Temporary Swap files 
too but with
less reliability.

I am running windows 3.1, in enhanced mode, started up with "WIN /3" as
suggested in installation guide.

If you have 16MBs of RAM you won't need to do this, Windows will come up in 
mode unless you specifically tell it not to.

What happens is: following instructions, run CLOE from the
Prog. Man. "run" menu item, CLOE window comes up. Prog Man iconises (I
have "Minimize on Use" enabled). I see another icon appear, for a second
or so, then it goes away and takes CLOE window with it! 

When CLOE starts the CLOE front end window appears on the screen and then 
puts itself
behind whatever windows are present, an icon should appear called CLOE 
in the shape of a DOS window icon. Normally it takes a while for the herald 
to appear in the
front end window, 
however if the Background icon disappears nothing will ever happen. I've only 
become involved with the world of PCs but I have never seen such a flakey 
platform. We 
have had problems like yours "cured" by cold-booting the machine, or trying 
several times 
and having things suddenly work on the third or fourth try!!!!!
The best advice I can give is to get your environment as clean as possible - 
no NETWORK connections, as few TSRs loaded into memory as you can get away 
Then if you succeed start adding them back in.  

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